Since the COVID pandemic many businesses have moved to online booking systems and continued with that as we hopefully move out of the pandemic. We have found that, while our customers like our booking system, at peak times our Activity Calendar can look a bit busy meaning customers struggle to find the relevent activities to them. We have been working hard with our website developers to come up with a solution and this has gone live today.... We welcome our new Activity Selector!!!

When navigating to our Book an Activity page you'll now see a new box at the top of the page... Clicking on this will bring up a drop down list of all the activity categories you can choose from. Most people look to book some equipment hire along with a self launch. Simply select the craft you want to hire and also the launch option to narrow down the calendar to these specific activities, choose the times and dates you want to launch and hire and off you go!

Screenshot 1: Type in some key words or choose from the drop down list

Screenshot 2021 10 18 at 13.35.44

Screenshot 2: Add more activity categories to your list

Screenshot 2021 10 18 at 13.36.14

Screenshot 3: Choose the events from the narrowed down list

Screenshot 2021 10 18 at 13.36.29

We hope you like the new functionality that is available on desktop and mobile devices. We continue to improve this functionality making it easier for you to find the activities you'd like to experience!