Our unique approach to fishing here at Tittesworth Water ensures the fragile ecosystem remains undamaged and is managed effectively. We only allow the following types of fishing at Tittesworth:

  • Artificial lures (such as plugs, spinners, lures etc)
  • Artificial baits (such as worms, maggots, snails, fish etc)
  • Dead baits

Fishing is allowed on a sport basis which means that all catches are logged and returned to the water and no bait is used whatsoever other than of an artificial nature. We have a wide variety of fish which, to name a few, include:

  • Trout
  • Roach
  • Pike
  • Perch
  • Roach

Please note that the water in the reservoir is at full capacity and places to cast from are currently limited due to overhanging branches. We hope to clear more places to cast from shortly.

We offer day and season ticket fishing at Tittesworth Reservoir. You can fish from designated areas around the lake. Permits are available from our Activity Centre on production of an Environment Agency Rod Licence. On signing on for the day you'll receive a catch record sheet and permit. All we ask is that you return the catch sheet to us at the end of your visit so we can start to build a greater picture of the fish in the reservoir and how they develop.

We've had a very successful trial fish over the last few weeks and some of the pike that've been caught are excellent specimens. Here's one example of the pike caught that will wet your appetite weighing in at 24lbs!  Apparently he hooked a larger one 10 minutes later but it got away! We reckon based on the growth pattern of these fish that there are some good 30lb+ fish in the reservoir.

Please abide by our fishing rules:

  • Fishing is available from 1st October to 31st March
  • Please protect our waters from invasive species and infections and dry your nets and gear before coming here
  • Artificial lure, artificial baits and dead baits only
  • All catches are to be returned to the water
  • Wading is strictly prohibited due to the steep banks
  • After fishing in other areas/waters all boots, nets etc are washed and dried to ensure that the spread of non native species is avoided (becoming a huge problem now in the uk) before coming on site
  • Please remove all line and litter from the area you fish from. If you get a snagged line please let us know and we can try and help resolve the issue from one of our boats. Line left in the water is a potential risk to wildlife and we'd rather it wasn't left behind
  • We believe that water sports and fishing can work hand in hand - please be respectful of water users and members of the public when fishing, particularly when casting - they will also be respectful of you
  • You have a valid Environment Agency (EA) rod licence (as a new venue for fishing the EA along with our bailiffs are policing the water so please make sure you bring yours along)
  • You have a valid day permit which can be purchased from the Activity Centre
  • Fishing is only allowed during our centre opening hours as a permit is required. Both our and the EA bailiffs will be operating on the spot checks even when we're closed
  • We ask that you help us to protect the water that you've paid for - if you see someone fishing on the way to your spot please ask them to show their day permit!

Pricing and Opening Hours:

On production of a valid EA Rod Licence we charge £15 per person per day for sport fishing at Tittesworth. Please call at the centre to purchase your day ticket. Fishing is only permitted when the centre is open so please check our opening hours by clicking here.

Season tickets are available for £200 by application to the centre. Please bring with you two passport photos for your Season Ticket ID card.