Course Aims:
Skilfully delivered by Paul Bull, UKCC Level 3 Coach, this course aims to equip the paddler with the necessary personal paddling and river reading skills in order that they can make appropriate decisions, select the correct skill and carry them out in a moving water environment.

The course will be run over either 2 or 3 days and include a river journey on day 3. This award will be assessed on a continuous basis with each day being a training day and if candidates are up to the required standard at the end of the three days, and have the required assessment prerequisites, then they will also pass the assessment. The days normally run from 9am until 5pm (depending on time of year).

Course Price:
£160 per person for the three days (excluding certification fees) or £120 for a two day course.

Pre-requisites - Training:
Candidates should hold the 2 Star or be confident that their ability is of a similar standard.

Pre-requisites - Assessment:
Candidates should have log book or provide evidence of at least:

  • 3 journeys on sheltered water (10km or 4Hrs)
  • 3 journeys on moving water, including stretches of grade 2 (10km or 4Hrs).

Equipment required:

  • Suitable craft (White Water Kayak with bouyancy and spray deck, Sit on Top with straps and back rest or Inflatable Kayak suitable for the environment) and a suitable paddle
  • Dry suit or wetsuit and cag that will keep you warm throughout the day.
  • Throw line and rescue knife
  • 5m tape and karabiner
  • Whistle
  • Food and warm drink (to be taken on the river)
  • Dry land clothing suitable for outdoor use.

Course Content:

It is expected that candidates are able to perform all skills on both sides, on moving water:

  • Personal Paddling skills
    • Lifting, Carrying and Launching / Landing
    • Efficient forward paddling
    • Backwards paddling and stopping
    • Moving sideways on the move
    • Supporting
    • Rolling
    • Breaking in and out
    • S-Turns
    • Maintaining and Changing Direction
    • Ferry gliding
    • Surfing small waves
  • Rescue Skills
    • Use of a Tape
    • Eskimo rescue
    • Throw line
    • Defensive and aggressive swimming
    • Rescue a capsized, swimming paddler and their equipment
  • Safety, Leadership and Group Skills
    • Personal Risk Management
    • Awareness of others
    • Paddling a section of grade 2 water as part of a led group
  • Theory
    • Equipment
    • Safety
    • Weather
    • Hypothermia / First Aid
    • Access
    • Environment
    • Planning
    • Group Awareness
    • General
    • Navigation
    • Etiquette

British Canoeing certification fees:
If you are doing the assessment and you want the British Canoeing certificate then there is an additional charge payable.


If you normally carry other kit on the river, not listed above, please bring it along for the group to discuss.

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