British Canoeing Coach Award

We offer British Canoeing Coaching and Instructing Awards, all delivered by centre owner Paul Bull and excellent hand picked staff that support your learning needs. Courses that we offer include:

  • Coach Award Core Training
  • Canoe and Kayak Coach (Sheltered Water) Training
  • Open Water Canoe Coach Training
  • White Water Canoe Coach Training
  • White Water Kayak Coach Training
  • Advanced White Water Kayak Coach Training
  • Assessments of all of the above  

The Coach Award is ideal for those that want to run introductory sessions or develop skills over time. 

Alternatively you may want to consider these:

  • The New Paddlesport Instructor award
  • Paddlesport Leader Award
  • SUP Discipline Support Module
Which is right for me - Coach Award, Paddlesport Leader or Paddlesport Instructor?

    • Paddlesport Instructor

    • 2 Days Training/Assessment

      • Very Sheltered Water Environments
      • Run Taster/Starter Sessions
      • Emphasis on Games and Fun
    • Find Out More
    • Coach

    • 5 Days Training/Assessment

      • Sheltered Water and Beyond
      • Coach beginners and beyond
      • Coaching Skill Development
    • Find Out More
    • Paddlesport Leader

    • 2 Day Assessment

      • Sheltered Water
      • Lead Mixed Craft Groups
      • Leading Only
    • Find Out More

If you need to revalidate your qualifications you can also look at:

  • Coach Updates/Coaching Matters events